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Taking IMPACT Nationwide

"If it can work in Seattle, it can work anywhere." Wherever you live, there are men around you who are looking for a band of brothers to help them grow as husbands, fathers, and leaders. IMPACT Players has legs, and is willing to travel. Find out how IMPACT Players can work to meet the needs of men in your community.

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The Need for IMPACT Players

Recent statistics and studies show that men are struggling more than ever. It's all the more important to build bridges, and create steps that men can take to get them on the right track with God and the Church. That's where IMPACT comes in - our goal is to inspire men to be great fathers, husbands, and leaders by equipping them to thrive in the relationships that matter most.

  • 76% of men don't have close friends.
  • 61% of young adults feel "serious loneliness."
  • Since 1990, there has been a five-fold increase of men without close friends.
  • 70% of men seldom participate in any structured prayer, scripture study, or religious education group.
  • 70% of boys raised in church will leave the church during their late teens and twenties.
  • Almost 25% of married churchgoing women will worship without their husbands this Sunday.
  • 1 in 4 men admitted their impassiveness in spiritually leading their families.
  • According to the National Institute of Mental Health, men die by suicide at a rate four times higher than women, with middle-aged men being particularly at risk.

From the 2021 Perspectives survey by the survey center on American life.

Moving Men from "Nominal" to Phenomenal

The narrative about manhood that our world is pushing is twofold -

  1. Men are the Problem.
  2. There is a Problem with Men.

The most toxic man in a marriage or family is “the nominal man.” Nominal men are those who check the box of Christianity as their faith, but do not regularly attend church or practice spiritual disciplines. 

  • Nominals’ wives report the lowest level of happiness.
  • Nominals are the least engaged with their children. 
  • Nominals have the highest rate of divorce - 20 percent higher than secular men. 
  • Nominals report the highest rate of domestic abuse & violence than any group - even higher than secular couples. 

The most violent husbands in America are nominal evangelical Protestants who attend church infrequently or not at all.” - Brad Wilcox, Christianity Today

What if we changed the narrative...? What if instead of telling men they are the problem, we started inspiring them to believe they are the solution? What if instead of remaining on defense, we took the ball in our hands and went on offense? IMPACT Players is!

"Compared to secular men, devout Christian family men who attend church regularly are more loving husbands and more engaged fathers" with "the lowest rates of divorce" or "domestic violence of any major group in America." - Nancy Pearcey, "The Toxic War on Masculinity"

This is what IMPACT Players is all about.

The Mission of IMPACT Players

INSPIRING MEN to be Great Husbands, Fathers, and Leaders by equipping them to thrive in the relationships that matter most.

Every Man Has a Story…

Every man has a story, and every man needs a community where he can courageously share his story and find strength and support from his brothers. When a man brings his story out of the darkness and into the light, he becomes a powerful force for God and his family.

Mike had a gun to his head and a decision to make. Take his life or give it to Jesus. Mike chose Jesus, but the battle for his soul rages on. Mike found IMPACT at our Everett breakfast and is in the process of becoming a leader. Hear how Mike shares how getting real and raw with other men is ”a matter of life and death” for him.

See Mike's story and many others here.

IMPACT Players is Inspiring Growth

IMPACT started in 2004 and consistently reached men as a volunteer organization. Since bringing Warren as the first Executive Director in 2020, IMPACT Players has grown from a monthly gathering of 35 men in Bellevue to an active roster of over 800 men across greater Seattle.

  • Averaging over 120 men at monthly breakfasts in Bellevue and over 30 in Everett.
  • Over 100 IMPACT Coaching Cohorts have met in Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Snoqualmie, Bothell, Kenmore, Maple Valley, and Seattle equipping hundreds of men. 
  • Over 100 young men reaching through our Men of Valor program. 
  • Multiple churches utilizing IMPACT groups and resources for the men in their congregation.
  • Marriages rescued and restored.
  • Families reunited.
  • Leaders equipped and changed.

Men of Valor

April 2024 IMPACT Breakfast

Imagine seeing this kind of impact in your city!

The Future Growth of IMPACT - Online/National

A Nationwide Online Digital Platform

Engage thousands of men in the online digital platform of IMPACT Players, including our courses, community, cohorts, coaching and podcast.

New IMPACT Players Cohorts

Train business leaders, men’s ministry leaders, and church leaders nationwide to start IMPACT Cohorts in their communities and utilize IMPACT materials in their existing men’s groups.

New IMPACT Players Chapters

Inspire, train, and equip city and business leaders to start in-person IMPACT Chapters with cohorts and breakfasts. Our next location is Charleston, SC.

Interested in bringing IMPACT Players to the men in your community?

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IMPACT Players - National Advisory Team

  • Richard Leong – Philanthropist, Disciple of Generosity, Author of "The Legacy Continuum.”

  • Jeff Kemp – CEO SOUL COACH, Teamwork Trainer, Keynote & Men's Growth Speaker at Jeff Kemp Team, Author

  • Emory TungsvikReal Estate Investor/ Managing Broker

  • Carl Humphries – CEO at HopeHealth, Inc.

  • Ryan Burnett – Amazon Devices Product Leader - Alexa Music

  • Dustin Askins – Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

  • Finny Samuel – Innovator, Builder, Coach, ex-Amazon, ex-Expedia, ex-IBM

  • Nick Anderson – CEO of OneAccord

  • Wayne Smith – Portfolio Manager at NimblX, MBA, Energy, CleanTech, Investment Fund, Advisor

  • Dan’l Markham – Church Partnerships Director Everett Gospel Mission, Christian Nonprofit Senior Staffer & Non-Profit Consultant, clergy, speaker, author

  • Mark Beattie – Senior Analytics Manager with Chewy

Give to Make an IMPACT!

The nationwide expansion of IMPACT Players will only go as fast and far as the fuel of funding takes it. If you believe that the world needs men to step up and become great husbands, fathers, and leaders, please invest in the nationwide expansion of IMPACT Players. Click the button below and select the "IMPACT National Fund."