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Inspiring men to be great husbands, fathers and leaders.

IMPACT Players is a Christian organization dedicated to building multiethnic, intergenerational communities of men who are passionate about their personal growth as husbands, fathers and leaders. For 16 years the IMPACT Players organization has empowered men to realize their full potential in the relationships that matter most.

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Hear from dynamic leaders who have already joined our IMPACT Support Team.
Matt Wimmer Husband, Father and CEO of SAMBICA

“IMPACT Players has provided myself and so many men with the tools we need to not just be average but to become great husbands, fathers, and leaders. I believe in Warren and appreciate his humble heart. He is the type of player coach that coaches men to the next level.”

Paul Dean Husband, Father and Pastor of Soma Eastside Church

“Warren Mainard is a seasoned, humble, and effective leader.  My family supports his ministry not only because he is effective, but because he also has the character to go the distance. Warren not only teaches well, he lives his faith and sacrificially loves his God, family, and everyone who crosses his path.”

Darrel Haynes Husband, Father and Associate Dean at Bellevue College & Youth Pastor at Lake East Christian Church
“Warren is a solid brother and one whom I have had the pleasure for knowing over the recent years. He truly lives what he believes and has been a direct blessing to my family and ministry.”