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We believe that when a man gets connected to a small group of fellow men who will walk with them through the challenging times and celebrate with them in good times, they will experience break-through on a personal and spiritual level.

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What is a "Cohort?"

In ancient Rome, a cohort was a military unit. It has come to mean a group of mutual learners who share a common mission.

The reason why we call our small groups ‚Äúcohorts‚ÄĚ is because we believe men are engaged in a battle, and they need a band of brothers to fight alongside of them as they pursue a common mission to become great men, great husbands, great fathers, and great leaders. Every man in the cohort is learning from one another as they link shields and strengthen one another with support, encouragement, and friendship.

Bridgepoint Forum Cohort
Bridgepoint Forum Cohort

How it Works

The "engine" of IMPACT Players is our IMPACT Coaching Cohorts program. Each year, we have a Fall, Winter, and Spring Cohort trimester, taking the summers off. Each cohort is made up of 6-12 men who gather for 7-8 weeks to encourage and strengthen one another in a fun and sincere community.

Each group is led by an IMPACT Coach and engages in an interactive discussion around original IMPACT Players content.

Our next season of Cohorts starts in October!

Check back later to see the various group locations and studies across the greater Seattle area, Bellevue, Everett, and online!

Would you like to know more about bringing an IMPACT Cohort (men's group) to your business, church, or community? Or are you interested in attending a cohort?

Reach out to us! We'll pair you with a cohort in your area, help you start one, or just give you more information about IMPACT or leading a cohort.

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