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We have created this Digital Online Platform for men to find community, support, and resources to become a great husband, father, and leader wherever they are and whenever they need a band of brothers to call on. By joining the IMPACT Players community, men will get access to great content, a vibrant support network, and the newest resources created specifically to support men who want to make an IMPACT.

In the future, we will offer additional membership options, but for now, we encourage all men to get in the game with an Essential Membership.

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We inspire men to be great husbands, fathers, and leaders with the courses, communities, and cohorts they need to thrive in the relationships that matter most. With your membership, you'll get:


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Nate Haglund

I wanted to take the time to say personally I’m so grateful to have my relationship with God strengthened by the IMPACT community of men in my life. It’s been a honor to walk along side so many wise men in Christ. From all of the guest speakers (which have been wonderful) to the weekly Cohort men's groups, being a part of the IMPACT Players community the last 10 years (which I would encourage any other men to try if they are interested) is an awesome place to grow, learn, bond, and walk together as men in life.

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