About IMPACT Players
Seventeen Years In & Just Getting Started!

IMPACT Players started when a handful of men, led by Matt Wimmer decided to invest in inspiring men to become great husbands, fathers and leaders on a personal level.  Since then, thousands of men and their families have been influenced by the work of IMPACT Players.  

In October, 2020, Warren Mainard stepped into the role of Executive Director for IMPACT Players and with the increased vigor and vision, IMPACT Players has grown exponentially and is poised to make a significant impact in the lives of men across the greater Seattle region and around the world.

About Warren Mainard

Warren Mainard is an IMPACT Player.  He is a son, husband, father, friend and leader.  With over 26 years of ministry and leadership experience, Warren brings enthusiasm, vision, and catalytic energy wherever he goes.  He love his wife Leah and children Krista and Micah and has a deep understanding and empathy for the challenges and joys of marriage and parenting.  Warren is a coach, consultant, speaker and author.  He loves serving and building friendships with others and would love to connect with you.  Email warrenm@impactplayers.org to set up an opportunity to connect. 

The past few years, we have been blessed with incredible growth! Hear from men just like you who share how IMPACT Players made a difference in their lives.