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We believe that every man has the potential to bring life-changing impact in their marriage, family, business, community, and church. When a man is transformed from the inside out, the impact is limitless and eternal. IMPACT Players is for men who want to better - better men, better husbands, better fathers, better leaders. Whether you are a single man, newly married man, new dad, parent of a teen, divorced, remarried, grandfather, or widowed, you will find men's groups, leadership training, practical tools and more to help you thrive in the relationships that matter most.

I'm Ready

What is an IMPACT Player?

How do I become a better man? How can I grow as a husband? How can I become a great father? How can I succeed as a leader in my business or organization? Is it possible to win both at home and at work?

We believe that there are rock solid answers to all of these questions and any man who is willing to lean in and put in the work can get the clarity, the confidence, and the courage to become the man he is destined to be.

I Want To Be A Good Dad

The 4 Core Transformational Goals of an IMPACT Player

  1. Becoming a Man of Great Faith
  2. Becoming a Great Husband
  3. Becoming a Great Father
  4. Becoming a Great Leader


We seek to engage men by creating opportunities for them to experience healthy camaraderie and community with other men in a non-threatening and welcoming environment.


We seek to equip men to grow in their spiritual walk and to bring their faith into their relationships (husband, father, and leader) in profound and practical ways.


Every man is a leader, but not every man has been empowered to lead. The IMPACT Cohorts (men's groups) model is designed to not only equip men, but empower them to become leaders.

The 10 Marks of an IMPACT Player

  1. Ferociously Faithful
  2. Intentional Leadership
  3. Relentless Pursuit
  4. Wholly Integrated
  5. Courageous Conviction
  6. Linking Shields
  7. Audacious Authenticity
  8. Unshakable Foundation
  9. Sacrificial Love
  10. Impact Multiplication

“And the things that you have heard me say among many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be qualified to teach others as well.” - 2 Timothy 2:2

Our Beginning

Originating in Bellevue, Washington in 2004, IMPACT was born from a deep desire from a handful of godly men to reach, restore, and raise up men to thrive in the relationships that matter most.

Since that time, thousands of men have been influenced by the unique evangelism and discipleship approach of IMPACT Players.

IMPACT Players is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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