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Upcoming Breakfasts

Huddle: The IMPACT of "Level 5 Friendship" with Jeff Kemp

HUDDLE: The IMPACT of "Level 5 Friendship"

October 12th | 7am - 8:30am
Bellevue, WA

Jeff Kemp has learned how to lead men and build deep friendships both on and off the field. He will share stirring stories and tremendous insights that will lift men to new heights as husbands, fathers, leaders, and friends.

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Setbacks & Comebacks with Michael Lee

Setbacks & Comebacks

October 20th | 7am - 8:30am
Everett, WA

Executive Leader and Spartan Race Champion Michael Lee will share his inspirational story and offer insights on how to make your setbacks a set up for a comeback! We are also excited to welcome President of Northwest University, Dr. Joe Castleberry, who will be giving our opening prayer.

Learn More

Transformative Community

IMPACT Players meets a uniquely important need in modern culture - a community for men to be inspired to become great husbands, fathers, and leaders. This opens the door for men of any background to gather around a common goal and shared need: the Gospel of Jesus and a pathway of discipleship creating a dynamic experience that is proven to transform men, marriages, families, churches, and communities.

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101 IMPACT Moments - Part 1

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Cohorts & Courses

Engage with like minded men both in person and online through our courses.

Good News for Your Finances

Practical financial tools and timeless Biblical insights for your finances.

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Good News for Your Marriage

Explore how God’s Good News can transform your marriage.


Good News for Your Family

Discover how God’s Good News can bring hope to your family.


Husband Coaching

Best practices for communicating, leading, and romancing your wife.



To Equip & Encourage

Visit our blog to learn more about how to be a better father, husband, and leader in your home, business, and community.

Strength of Soul

Course Corrections with Gary Chupik | Podcast Episode 010

From Toxic to Flourishing with Al Lopus | Podcast Episode 009


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