The Battle For Our Kids

Why Men Must Stand Up, Take A Stand, and Fight For Truth

A battle is raging for our kids, teens, and adult children that is bringing pain, division and confusion to families like never before. This month's theme will be covered by Warren Mainard, Tod Anderson, and special guest John Connors as they each share stories and insights on understanding the battle, how to protect your children, and how to take action! Warren will open with a groundbreaking chalk talk that will help men understand how to navigate the complex issues of Truth & Culture in the context of relationships.

The men will then discuss as a panel questions such as-

1) Why must men stand up right now?

2) How do men take a stand for what is right and true?

3) How do men combat the oversexualization of children in our culture?


John Connors is the former CFO at Microsoft, the founder of Ignition Investments and an Operating Partner at Fuse Venture. He has served as a Board Member for Nike and Splunk and is a philanthropist and mentor.

Warren Mainard is the Executive Director of IMPACT Players. Warren has over 25 years experience working in youth culture and equipping adults to engage young people in the issues they are facing.

Tod Anderson is a Board member for IMPACT Players and a Vice President at Expeditors.

Reed Warrick is the Chief Inspiration Officer at SAMBICA. He is a husband, father, coach, consultant and leader. Reed has served as the Executive Director for Linking Shields, and is the Founder of Courageous Pursuit.

Great thanks to Tyler Hanson for filming Richard's talk and to Peter Svensk for editing it! Excellent work men!

Building A Lasting Legacy

A Multi-Generational Approach To Kingdom IMPACT (with Richard Leong)

What kind of legacy will you leave behind? Legacy is not just for older people, but anyone who believes that the best gift we can give our wives, children, friends, and family is one that makes a lasting positive impact for generations to come. Richard Leong will be teaching men how to increase their collective "Kingdom Impact" on the world at a geometric pace, leveraging tangible and intangible assets for a God-given mission, utilizing ancestral stories and intangible wealth as building blocks for a unique legacy. Men will discover how to foster a family-wide culture of radical generosity.

Download this valuable Executive Summary of Richard's Talk 

Great thanks to Tyler Hanson for filming Richard's talk and to Peter Svensk for editing it! Excellent work men!

What You See Is What You Get

The Power of Authenticity (with Clark Roberts)

Clark Roberts is the Executive Director and founder of Ultimate Vision. Ultimate Vision "Inspiring Others to See in New Ways" is a non profit organization that teaches people of all ages that life does not stop when adversity occurs. It is not a matter of if, but when, life is going to happen. At age 24 Clark lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa. He discovered that when life hits, you have to learn how to embrace the challenge, find your potential and live life to its fullest! Clark has a natural gift of humor, is married to his amazing wife Karrie and have two adult children who are both married and who love to mess with him regarding his sight loss. Clark is also a proud Pawpaw with two beautiful granddaughters. Clark is also an author and enjoys story telling. He is an outdoor and sports enthusiast, who loves to downhill ski, tandem cycle, water ski, drive rally cars, jump out of perfectly good airplane, swim and hike in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.Great thanks to Tyler Hanson for filming Clark's talk and to Peter Svensk for editing it! Excellent work men!

From Toxic to Flourishing

Establishing a Healthy Culture (with Al Lopus)

Al Lopus is cofounder and CEO of Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI), which provides research-based measurement tools and strategic advisory services to help Christian-led organizations set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world. Through BCWI, Al has been honored to serve thousands of clients, including The Navigators, Joni and Friends, Gateway Church, Hope International, C12, The Gideons International, RightNow Media, and more.
Speaking from his book, Road To Flourishing, Lopus offers game-changing principles to help you transform whatever group or organization you lead or participate in.

Download the Slide Deck for this IMPACT Talk on our Resources page

Great thanks to Tyler Hanson for filming Al's talk and to Peter Svensk for editing it! Excellent work men!