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On April 7th, 2022, Matt Wimmer and I spoke to a Dining Hall full of men at our monthly IMPACT Breakast about SEX & MONEY.  Two intimidating topics for sure! While we both broke a bit of a sweat when the subject matter turned to sex, there were still some great "nuggets" to share about money too! 

Here are a few that we shared...

Warren and Matt’s IMPACT Money Nuggets:

  • Every Financial decision is a spiritual decision.” Larry Burkett

  • Our money and our ability to make money is a gift entrusted to us from God.

  • Learn to live on 80%. Give your first 10% to the Lord. Give your next 10% to your future.

  • Eternal treasures are greater than earthly treasures. Choose wisely.

  • You can always make more money, but you can never make more time.

  • You cannot out give God.

Recently, my teenage son started working at a local MOD Pizza.  He is saving money to buy his first car and he is making "good money," working 8-12 hours per week. Like we did with his older sister when she started working, we talked to him about how everything we earn is a gift that belongs to God and that He has entrusted this money to us to steward for His glory.  A part of that stewardship includes giving 10% back the Kingdom of God, which the Bible calls the tithe.  

In spite of the fact that he grew up in a Christian home, the idea of giving God his first 10% was not immediately appealing to my son.  That felt like "a lot of money" and would slow him down in his goals to buy his first car.  However, after us sharing testimony after testimony of God's faithfulness and blessing to our family as it relates to the tithe, mixed with a little time and prayer... he came back to us and said, "I want to tithe... and I want to support IMPACT Players with my Kingdom money."  

Of course, I was grateful that he came to this decision on his own, but I didn't think much of what his decision might mean for me and for IMPACT Players.  Once my son started giving to IMPACT Players, he became much more interested in what we were doing to move forward our mission to inspire men to become great husbands, fathers, and leaders.  
He asked me, "So how many men are a part of the program right now?" 
I responded, "Well, right now, we have about 250 men on our 'Active Roster,' which includes guys who attend our monthly breakfasts and cohorts across the city."
He said, "Hmm... that's pretty good.  Do you think you will be able to double that by the end of the year?"
I laughed and said, "Wow! You just became my most demanding share holder!! I don't know, but I will do my best and trust God!"

This little interchange reminded me of a few important things...

  • We have to be intentional about the ways we teach our kids about money.
  • Your money will follow your heart, but your heart will also follow your money.  (Like his heart followed his money!)
  • God can grow a small seed of obedience to produce tremendous fruit. (God is going to grow IMPACT Players through my son's giving!)

There are a lot of things I don't get right when it comes to parenting or money... I have a LOT still to learn! But, I am always grateful for the little reminders that we are moving in the right direction with HIM!

(NOTE: My daughter also supports IMPACT Players through her giving as well! We are in this together!)