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Characteristics of a Mighty Man (Part 2)
David had a collection of "Mighty Men" who came alongside of him in life and battle.  1 Chronicles 11 & 12 details the characteristics of these mighty men of valor.
Characteristics of a Mighty Man of Valor (1 Chronicles 12)
  • Highly Skilled and Experts at their Craft (v. 2 & 9)
  • Experienced Warriors (v. 8)
  • Swift, Fast and Strong (v. 8)
  • Leaders of Men (v. 14)
  • Holy Spirit Filled (v. 18)
  • Well Respected at Home (v. 30)
  • Wise and Understanding of the Times (v. 32)
  • Seasoned & Equipped for Battle (v. 32)
  • Singleness of Purpose (v. 33)
  • Single-Minded with Full Intent (v. 38)
  • Filled with Joy and Camaraderie (v. 40)
David built his kingdom by identifying, investing and integrating mighty men into every area of Kingdom influence.
  1. Have you identified mighty men whom you can put around you?
  2. How are you investing in raising up men?
  3. In what ways are you empowering other men to grow as leaders?