Want to get in the game?
New to IMPACT Players? Here is the game plan...

Our vision is to see men inspired to become great husbands, fathers and leaders.  While we are at it, we will have a lot of fun, build a lot of great friendships and embark on some tremendous adventures.  Here are some ways to get involved.

  1. Attend a Breakfast IMPACT Gathering: These free monthly breakfasts are offered during the school year on the second Thursday of the month (unless otherwise noted).  This free, fun and friendly gathering is an awesome way to get encouraged and meet a handful of other guys in your community!
  2. Join a 7 Week IMPACT Cohort: IMPACT Cohorts are offered throughout the year and are really the engine that makes IMPACT Players really grow and go.  Each IMPACT Cohort offers fresh, original content focused on equipping men to grow as men, husbands, fathers and leaders.  You may come for the content, but you will stay for the community.  Getting into a group of 10+ men who are pursuing similar goals and values is a life changing endeavor.
  3. Engage with our Podcast(s): Check out or IMPACT Players Podcast feature fresh insights and interesting interviews with special guests and fellow IMPACT Players like you.  Every Podcast focuses on an aspect of growth and learning that will help you thrive.  Sports fan? Check out Warren Mainard and Mark Schmor on the Dawg and Duck Show where they talk sports each week.
  4. Enjoy our blog and other resources:  We will continue to add helpful and fresh content, including blogs, videos, bible studies and e-books designed to help you become the best man that you can be.