Impact Video
Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times

by Donald T. Phillips
An insightful look at how Lincoln’s expertise in leadership transformed a nation describes how these skills can be incorporated into today’s society by following his examples and wisdom.

The Founding Fathers on Leadership : Classic Teamwork in Changing Times (Paperback)

by Donald T. Phillips
When America aspired to break free from Britain, the real-life David-and-Goliath situation required that a full-blown cadre of dynamic leaders arise immediately from the revolutionary populace. As history shows, it did. Now, Donald T. Phillips uses those events to suggest ways that today’s businesspeople can likewise overcome tough odds and achieve success. Goal-setting, communication, and risk-taking are just a few of the traits to be learned by studying Washington, Jefferson, and their colleagues.

Principle Centered Leadership

by Stephen R. Covey
Covey responds to the particular challenges of business leaders by applying his natural laws, or principles, of life to organizations. Covey explains these laws (security, guidance, wisdom, and power), and discusses how seven-habits practice and focus on these principles will result in personal and organizational transformation