Impact Video



Go Swimming at community pool
Fly a kite
Wrestle (this is so simple and Most kids love it)
Go catch a perch with a hook and line
Go on adventure hike and look for clues
Row a boat – turn right – turn left
Wash a car together
Build a campfire together
Teach how to throw a Frisbee
Go on a bike ride
Go explore a tide pool (Alki Beach)




Make a scrapbook
Go to Lowes and make a toy
Make something for Mom, Sister or Brother
Make a rock/leaf collection with several different rocks




Cook a hamburger or hot dot together
Plan a family picnic (makes points with mom too)
Learn a fun song together
Plant a flower or grass and care for it until it blooms
Wash a car together (your children get to hose-watch out!)
Take care of a friends pet for a day
Plan and pack for a camping trip together