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Happy Independence Day!
June 29th, 2012

Yeah, we know we’re early on Independence Day next week, but we’ll be busy spending time with our families, grilling, watching fireworks, etc. just like you! So, have a wonderful time off with your families. For those of you that work as firefighters, police officers, doctors, etc., or are on American soil or overseas protecting our country, and away from your families on July 4 – THANK YOU! We are grateful for your service!

For everyone else, let us know how you’ll be celebrating Independence Day. What are your traditions? Maybe a new dad looking to start his own family tradition can borrow a great one from you. Post on our Facebook page, or a message on Twitter, both of which can be accessed via the social network links in the upper right. Or if you’re already reading this post on Facebook or Twitter, just comment or reply!

Stay safe and have fun!